7 Best Tourist Spots in Bukidnon That You Don’t Want to Miss

Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about enriching your mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re up for a grand adventure or simply exploring a nearby province, traveling offers bunches of benefits that can positively impact your overall well-being. The good thing about traveling in the Philippines is that you don’t need to go that far to see good places. This guide will give you the best tourist spots in Bukidnon.

Best Tourist Spots in Bukidnon

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Bukidnon is a province that always knocks the bucket list of busy people from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its picturesque landscapes, cool climate, and rich cultural heritage, so many Philippine Locals and Foreign Nationals want to visit Bukidnon.

No wonder, because the said place offers a unique opportunity to unwind and recharge. In this blog, you will find out what makes Bukidnon a premier tourist spot and explore seven of its best attractions that promise to captivate and rejuvenate every visitor.

Why choose Bukidnon?

Bukidnon lies in its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. The province is known for its sprawling mountains, lush forests, and huge farmlands, providing a refreshing escape from urban congestion. Its cool climate, courtesy of its high elevation, offers a welcome respite from the hot climate in the Philippines.

Moreover, Bukidnon boasts a rich cultural tapestry woven from the traditions of its indigenous tribes, such as the Bukidnon, Higaonon, and Talaandig people. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant festivals, traditional music, and handicrafts that showcase the province’s cultural heritage.

7. Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park

Mt Kitanglad Mountain Range

Situated in the Kitanglad Mountain Range of Bukidnon province on Mindanao island, Mount Kitanglad is an inactive volcano. It is the Philippines’ fourth-highest mountain. The said mountain is also one of the country’s most important biodiversity hotspots, Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park is a must-visit for eco-tourists.

Did you know that this is also the home of flora and fauna, including endangered species like the Philippine eagle? This protected area offers opportunities for trekking, birdwatching, and wildlife photography. Experienced guides are available to lead visitors during the tour.

6. Monastery of the Transfiguration

Monastery of the Transfiguration
Photo source: Patrickroque01, CC BY-SA 4.0

A haven of serenity, direction, and devotion – this is how tourists and locals describe the Monastery of the Transfiguration. It is a place where people can experience the richness and closeness of nature while praying and giving thanks. The said place is situated in the rolling hills and verdant pastures.

The Monastery of the Transfiguration is a serene retreat renowned for its modernist architecture and contemplative atmosphere. Visitors can attend mass, explore the monastery’s gardens, or simply meditate in the surroundings. The monastery also produces delicious fruit preserves and other homemade products available for purchase.

5. Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

A visit to Bukidnon would not be complete without exploring the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation. Stretching across thousands of hectares, this agricultural marvel showcases the process of pineapple cultivation from field to can. Visitors can take guided tours of the plantation, sample freshly harvested pineapples, and learn about sustainable farming practices.

Visitors can visit Camp Phillips Pineapple Plantation and purchase a variety of pineapple products, including fresh pineapple fruits, pineapple jam, pineapple yema, and much more. All of these can be reasonably purchased at their souvenir shop.

All year long, Camp Phillips experiences a comparatively chill and humid climate. In the summer, when it’s hot and dry, this place can be an ideal vacation spot. 

4. Lake Apo

Lake Apo

Hidden in lush greenery, Lake Apo is a pristine crater lake renowned for its crystal-clear waters and peaceful ambiance. Northern Mindanao’s Lake Apo is well known for being a spotless and environmentally beneficial body of water. It was named Region 10’s Cleanest Lake in the late 1990s.

Visitors can swim, kayak, or paddleboard in the lake’s refreshing waters, surrounded by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Camping facilities are available for those who wish to spend the night under the stars, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful retreat. 

3. Kaamulan Park

Tulugan at kaamulan park malaybalay

Named after the province’s colorful Kaamulan Festival, Kaamulan Park is a cultural hub where visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions of Bukidnon’s indigenous tribes. The tribal word “amul,” which means “gathering or to gather,” is whence the name “kaamulan” originated.

The tribe people of Bukidnon celebrate significant occasions during these gatherings, which may include weddings, festivals of gratitude, peace rites, transitions into Datu status, or any combination of these.

The park features replicas of traditional tribal houses, a cultural museum showcasing indigenous artifacts, and regular performances of traditional music and dance. It’s the perfect place to gain insight into the rich cultural heritage of the region. 

2. Dahilayan Forest Park

Dahilayan Forest Park

Photo source: www.dahilayanadventurepark.com

Tucked away on towering pine trees, Dahilayan Forest Park is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here, you can zip line through the treetops, navigate obstacle courses in the canopy, or simply unwind with the serene surroundings.

The park also offers accommodations, making it an ideal base for exploring the nearby attractions. A variety of attractions are available at the park, including the thrilling go-cart toboggan ride called the Forest Luge, which offers stunning views over the park. 

1. Alalum Falls

Alalum Falls

Alalum Falls is a majestic waterfall that is a well-known tourist attraction in the province of Bukidnon. It is located along the main highway that separates the towns of Impasug-ong and Sumilao. Although it is currently neglected, it is never forgotten.

Accessible via a short trek through the forest, this natural wonder offers a refreshing respite from the heat, with its cool, cascading waters inviting visitors to take a dip and bask in the beauty of their surroundings. Picnic facilities are available nearby, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely day trip.


Bukidnon’s charm lies in its ability to offer both excitement and serenity in equal measure. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or peaceful moments of reflection, this province has something to offer every traveler.

From its beautiful forests and majestic mountains to its vibrant cultural heritage, Bukidnon welcomes you to start your discovery and relaxation. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let Bukidnon’s beauty soothe your soul.


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