5 Stunning Camping Spots In Tagaytay That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Tagaytay, in the Philippine highlands, is a popular weekend getaway from Manila due to its views of the Taal Volcano and Lake. In addition to tourists, Tagaytay attracts campers who want to get outdoors without leaving the city. Camping near Tagaytay’s beautiful scenery includes glamping resorts and lakeside campgrounds. Camping can be rustic or luxurious.

Best Tagaytay Camp Site

Five camping spots near Tagaytay offer peacefulness and scenic views. Nature Discovery Camp’s big lawns and valley-view hiking trails attract families. Nurture Wellness Village offers stylish glamping and wellness therapies. Dining and lake views at Tanawin sa Gulod. All the comforts of home are at Camp Hiraya Tagaytay on a farm in nature. Taal Lake Yacht Club offers water sports and lakeside camping. Tagaytay is ideal for camping and adventure due to its proximity to nature and city amenities.

Nature Discovery Camp

Camping Spots In Tagaytay
Photo by: Nature Discovery Camp Facebook Page

Families and people who love the outdoors will love Nature Discovery Camp as a great place to enjoy the fresh mountain air. This huge campground has acres of land where you can set up tents, park campers, or relax in cottages outside. The facilities and grounds have something for everyone to enjoy without any problems.

In the daytime, the camp is full of activities, such as hikers exploring forest trails that lead to beautiful views of Lipa Valley and bikers riding all over the area. Kids love the big lawns because they can play games there while their parents relax nearby.

When it’s time to refuel, the camp has places to cook outside so you can make a meal to eat outside before sitting around a campfire under the stars. For people who want to enjoy the mountain air without having to plan, Nature Discovery Camp makes it easy to do so in Tagaytay.

Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village
Photo by: Nurture Wellness Village

Get away to Tagaytay’s posh Nurture Wellness Village to enjoy glamping, the trendy way to spend the night outside that is more stylish than camping. The Sabila Campsite at the resort is surrounded by lush greenery and has beautiful tents for nature lovers. Each large shelter has comfortable mattresses and other basic comforts. It also has an outdoor bathroom connected to it and access to shared facilities like grilling areas and places to have social bonfires.

At Nurture Wellness Village, roughing it is done in a very nice way. It is the only wellness resort in Tagaytay with a Filipino theme, and it also offers customized ecotherapy sessions to help you relax and recharge. Relax and feel better all around by doing yoga, getting a massage, or getting body treatments with natural, native ingredients.

Farm-to-table food gives meals in between trips an organic twist. For people who want to relax and recharge at the same time, this glamping resort offers the perfect mix of peace, comfort, and health.

Tanawin sa Gulod

Tanawin Sa Gulod
Photo source: Tanawin sa Gulod Facebook Page

Tanawin sa Gulod, in Tagaytay’s lush highlands, offers tranquility and stunning views of Taal Volcano and Lake. This mountain retreat has a cozy restaurant serving fresh, local cuisine daily. Experience Tagaytay’s signature bulalo beef stew or crispy, flavorful tawilis fish. Vegetarians have many options.

An outdoor camping area near the restaurant is perfect for tenting or parking your camper under the stars. While open 24/7 for convenience, reservations are still recommended as spots fill up quickly. Shared restrooms are convenient.

The location offers relaxation and adventure in stunning scenery. Active people may climb the volcano or enjoy lake activities. A hot meal or coffee and dessert in Tanawin sa Gulod is the perfect way to end the day. Looking out over Taal’s stunning terrain is a highlight of Philippine travel.

Camp Hiraya Tagaytay

Camp Hiraya Tagaytay
Photo source: Camp Hiraya Tagaytay Facebook Page

Escape the city rush at Camp Hiraya Tagaytay, a sprawling farm resort welcoming guests to commune with nature. The grounds feature generous campsites and cozy cabins with rustic designs so both tenting purists and those favoring solid walls can sleep well. When rest calls, unwind in the heated pool, cafe, or open-air grilling spaces whip up meals, or have the in-house restaurant handle the cooking.

While facilities like play areas for kids and comfort stations with hot showers prove this nature getaway stays relaxed, Camp Hiraya’s spacious sites allow focusing on the outdoors. Gazing at the stars in a sleeping bag or from a deck simply enhances the farm’s natural tranquility. For an easy yet immersive nature escape, Camp Hiraya Tagaytay blends camping ambiance with hospitality.

Taal Lake Yacht Club

Taal Lake Club
Photo Source: Taal Lake Club

Outdoorsy people can set up tents on the shore of Taal Lake Yacht Club, which is only 15 minutes from Tagaytay. Families go to the designated camping areas to fish, have picnics, and enjoy the views and sunsets by the lake. Water sports fans come to the area to try sailing, kayaking, or relaxing boat tours on the lake when the volcano is dormant.

People who come only need to bring snacks or cook meals on the communal grills because it’s easy to get food delivered from restaurants. You should bring your own gear, but the club does rent tents and sleeping bags for people who are traveling light. The Taal Lake Yacht Club is a great place to go camping that combines water adventure with friendly locals. It’s close to Tagaytay’s highland hideaway and offers a relaxing lakeside experience.

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