Kaamulan Festival 2024 – Highlights and Events

Held in Bukidnon, Philippines, the Kaamulan Festival is an annual month-long event. Every year, the province’s indigenous tribes come together for this colorful celebration to proudly present their distinct cultures and ancestors’ customs.Β 

Women in traditional Manobo dress (Kaamulan Festival 2017, Bukidnon, Philippines)

Using the national platform of the Kaamulan Festival, tribes such as the Manobos, Higaonons, Talaandigs, and Umayamnon showcase valued facets of their tribal identity through elaborate displays of ceremonies, music, costumes, sporting events, dance performances, artisan demonstrations, and more. Fundamentally, the Kaamulan Festival gives the Lumad and highland tribes of Bukidnon a platform to showcase their centuries-old cultural legacy that has been passed down through the ages.

Attending the festival provides guests with a unique opportunity to fully engage with and gain a deeper understanding of this essential aspect of Mindanao’s ongoing history.Β It offers an opportunity to explore the rich history that is currently thriving in the area for both locals and visitors.

Festival Schedule

During the month of Kaamulan, there are many events planned all over the place. A grand opening will be held on March 23 at the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City to start the fun.

Other interesting events to look forward to are the Rodeo Competition (March 23–24), the Garden Show and Agri Fair (March 23–April 23), which will show off the province’s agriculture; the Ethnocultural Music Festival (April 7–13), which will feature indigenous music and performances; and the much-anticipated Street Dancing Competition (April 20–21), which will bring the lively dance traditions of tribes to the streets.

Since the events last for weeks, there are lots of chances to fully experience Bukidnon’s culture.

Schedule of Activities

kaamulan festival 2024 schedule

kaamulan festival 2024 schedule part 2

kaamulan festival 2024 schedule 3

kaamulan festival 2024 schedule 4
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The Significance of the Kaamulan Festival

For the people of Bukidnon, the Kaamulan Festival is a very important part of their history and culture. The festival is a way for the Lumad and highland tribes like the Manobos, Higaonons, Talaandigs, and Umayamnons to keep their identity, history, and very own way of life alive. It is an important way for them to keep alive songs, dances, practices, and religious ceremonies that were passed down from generation to generation. Keeping this history alive will make sure that the next generation continues the rich traditions that their ancestors have had for hundreds of years.

Additionally, the festival promotes tourism and business opportunities in the area by attracting people who want to learn about native cultures, trade handicrafts, and agricultural goods. Kaamulan raises knowledge about the Lumad and Bukidnon groups that have been left out or exploited in the past on a national level.

Celebrating their culture through events like music festivals, sports competitions, and street dancing shows that their communities are strong and alive in today’s Philippines. In the end, the event brings about a sense of pride, cultural continuity, cross-cultural exchange, self-empowerment, and wealth.

Tips For Visitors

Book Accommodations Early

As the festival continues to grow in popularity, hotels in Malaybalay City and surrounding areas fill up quickly. Reserve rooms at least 2–3 months in advance for the best availability and rates. Nearby towns like Valencia and Cagayan de Oro City also offer accommodation options.

Pack Light, Cool Clothing

With daytime events and crowds, you’ll want breathable, lightweight clothing. Temperatures are averagely hot and humid, so bring quick-dry shirts and dresses, hats and visors, and sun protection. If attending evening concerts, bring a light jacket. Wear comfortable slip-on shoes for long days on your feet.

Immerse Yourself Respectfully

Observe cultural rituals and performances with an open mind. Ask permission before taking photos/videos of local indigenous people, particularly for spiritual ceremonies. when the tribe invites you to participate in interactive demos. Taste traditional foods when they are offered.

Allot Sufficient Time

With a packed calendar of events from morning through night, allow at least 3–4 days to make the trip worthwhile. Travel between venues requires extra time. Focus each day on 2-3 top events aligned with your interests.

Spend Locally

Support local vendors by purchasing Bukidnon handicrafts and agricultural products. Dine at indigenous pop-up food stalls. Hiring local guides also helps directly support tribal communities.

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