How to Travel from Manila to Calamba, Laguna

Traveling from the busy metropolis of Manila to the serene place of Calamba can be an exciting experience. But just like any travel day, sometimes you will get stuck in traffic or blockbuster lines. It will even get complicated to reach your destination if the place is not familiar to you. Whether you’re a local commuter or a traveler exploring the Philippines, understanding the various transportation options and navigating the route efficiently is key to a hassle-free travel day. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to travel from Manila to Calamba as a commuter!

Mode of Transportation

Public Buses

Public buses are the most common mode of transportation from Manila to Calamba. Look for buses bound for Calamba or those passing through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Buses typically depart from terminals like Buendia, Cubao, or Alabang. From Buendia, it will take you 1hr and 15mins to get to your destination. Consider reputable bus companies such as JAC Liner, Jam Liner, or DLTB Co. for comfort and safety. Below are the different locations of the mentioned bus terminals.

 Buendia Bus Terminal Location

Cubao Bus Terminal

Alabang Bus Terminal

manila to Calamba

Commuter Trains 

Another option is to take the Philippine National Railways (PNR) commuter train from Tutuban Station in Manila to Calamba Station. This is a convenient choice for those preferring train travel and want to avoid traffic congestion. The travel time may take you 1hr and 54mins. However, be sure to check the train schedules and plan accordingly.

Here are the PNR’s stations and routes:

Photo by: Донор, CC BY-SA 4.0

Prepare for the Journey

  • Check Schedules

Interval of buses and trains may vary, so it’s essential to check schedules in advance. Consider factors like peak hours and traffic conditions to plan your departure time accordingly.

  • Pack Essentials

Bring along essentials such as water, snacks, a travel umbrella (for unpredictable weather), and entertainment to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Navigate the Route

Via Bus

  • From Manila to SLEX: If taking a bus, expect the journey to start from the terminal of your choice in Manila. The route will typically lead to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Be prepared for possible traffic congestion, especially during rush hours.
  • From SLEX to Calamba: Once on SLEX, the journey to Calamba is relatively straightforward. Keep track of landmarks and road signs indicating the exit points for Calamba. Buses usually make stops at designated terminals within the city.

Via Train

Using Commuter Trains: If opting for the PNR commuter train, head to Tutuban station in Manila. Board the train bound for Calamba and enjoy the scenic ride. Upon reaching Calamba station, you’ll be close to various attractions and amenities.

Stay Informed

Fare and Payment

Be aware of fare rates and payment methods for buses or trains. Have sufficient cash on hand, especially for buses that may not accept electronic payments.

  • Enjoy Your Stay in Calamba

Upon arriving in Calamba, take the time to explore its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Visit landmarks such as Rizal Shrine, explore hot spring resorts, or indulge in local delicacies. 

Traveling from Manila to Calamba can be as smooth as possible if you’re packed with information and have enough travel time. It’s a great experience for commuters, blending urban convenience with provincial serenity. By choosing the right mode of transportation, planning ahead, and staying informed, you can navigate the journey with ease and save time. 

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