How To Commute To Manila From Calamba

Traveling from Calamba to Manila for work or leisure can be confusing with the various routes available. Here is a breakdown of your best options for an efficient commute:

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Direct Buses Take a bus from Calamba directly to the Pasay bus terminals. This route travels along the new Cavitex expressway when traffic is good, taking only 1–1.5 hours. During heavy traffic, regular highways take 1.5–2 hours.

Light Rail + Bus Ride a bus to the Pasay terminals first. Then take the LRT-1 train south to EDSA station. Transfer to EDSA Carousel bus northbound along a traffic-free route to Ayala station. Very affordable, but travel time is 2–2.5 hours.

Bus + MRT Take the bus to Cubao Terminal. From Farmers Plaza station adjacent to terminal, ride the MRT-3 train southbound directly to Ayala station. Avoiding EDSA traffic, total travel is only 2 hours.

Provincial Bus + PITX Terminal + EDSA Carousel Ride a direct provincial bus to PITX Terminal. From Gate 10, take EDSA Carousel bus north to Ayala station. Total travel is around 2–2.5 hours, depending on the provincial bus route taken.

Check metro traffic and advisories before embarking. With multiple public transportation options now available from Calamba, you can choose the most convenient route to Manila for your particular destination and budget.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to commute from Calamba to Manila?

The total travel time can range from 1 hour (via direct bus along Cavitex during light traffic) to 2.5 hours, depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

Which route is the fastest way to get to Manila from Calamba?

Buses that take the Cavitex expressway are fastest at 1-1.5 hours of travel time when traffic is light. The Bus + MRT route via Cubao is fastest at 2 hours when factoring in regular highway traffic.

Which is the cheapest way to commute from Calamba?

Taking the bus to Pasay, then the LRT-1 train and EDSA Carousel bus costs less than ₱100 total but takes longer at 2–2.5 hours of travel time.

What terminals in Manila do buses from Calamba stop at?

Buses stop at the Pasay, Cubao, or PITX bus terminals. From these terminals, you can transfer to LRT, MRT, or EDSA Carousel bus lines.

Should I take the bus or drive a private car from Calamba to Manila?

Buses are recommended, as driving can take just as long in heavy traffic. Buses use expressway priority lanes, making them faster during rush hour congestion. Commuting also saves on toll fees and parking costs.

With an understanding of the available routes and travel times, you can now easily navigate the commute from Calamba to destinations in Manila. Safe travels!

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