The 4 Best Restaurants with a Great View in Tagaytay for Scenic Dining

With its cooler climate and elevated outlooks over Lake Taal and Volcano Island, Tagaytay has firmly established itself as one of the Philippines’ most popular destinations for scenic views and delicious cuisine. While the city offers no shortage of restaurants and overlooks to take in the iconic scenery, three stand out from the rest.

4 Best Restaurants with a Great View in Tagaytay for Scenic Dining

Fine dining establishment Antonio’s remains a gold standard for romantic native fare against the backdrop of billowing volcano smoke. For more casual and budget-friendly dining, Green ATS impresses with tasty food and panoramas visible from every table. And sleek newcomer Starbucks Reserve wows with floor-to-ceiling vistas showcasing ridge country and sparkling blue waters while serving premium coffee and teas. Whether looking for upscale flair, affordable fare, or contemporary styling, Tagaytay offers the total experience – excellent food, unforgettable outlooks, and unique local treats to take home.

1. Antonio’s Restaurant

antonio's restaurant
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Antonio’s is considered one of Tagaytay’s premier fine dining destinations, renowned for its elegant open-air veranda showcasing Taal Lake and Volcano Island. Family-owned and operated for over 20 years, it specializes in native Filipino cuisine made from fresh, local ingredients. Signature dishes like bulalo, crispy pata, and seafood kare-kare are cooked in traditional style but plated with contemporary flair. The service is just as outstanding, with friendly and knowledgeable wait staff providing excellent recommendations. As a bonus, Antonio’s also offers a sunrise breakfast service on its viewing deck, providing stunning views of the waking volcano.

2. Green ATS Restaurant

Green ATS Restaurant
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For more affordable and casual Tagaytay dining, Green ATS Restaurant should not be missed. The entire open-air establishment allows panoramic vistas from every table, Whether gazing out at rice terraces, lake waters, or lush countryside, the changing scenery entertains while customers enjoy tasty Filipino and international dishes. While not overly fancy, the food quality and preparation stand out at its reasonable price point. Groups and families can all find menu items to suit different tastes and budgets.

3. Starbucks Reserve Hiraya

Startbucks Hiraya
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The latest scenic destination in Tagaytay comes courtesy of an internationally renowned brand – Starbucks. But this reserve location takes the coffee house experience to new, visually stunning heights. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls replace regular walls, ensuring breathtaking panoramas from both indoor and outdoor seating. Customers can take in lush green ridges dotted with palms while enjoying premium coffee sourced globally. Light bistro-style meals, artisanal breakfast items, teas, and other Starbucks signature offerings are also available for those wanting more than just a quick coffee break with a view.

4. The Cliffhouse Restaurant

The Inn and Cliffhouse Restaurant
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The aptly named Cliffhouse Restaurant is regarded as one of Tagaytay’s most luxurious fine dining experiences, renowned for its unparalleled views and upscale international fare. The restaurant’s dramatic setting in a Spanish Mediterranean-style villa perched on a cliffside provides panoramic vistas from its multi-level verandas and terraces. The views showcase the postcard-perfect Taal Lake, the Volcano Island centerpiece, and even the villa’s meticulously landscaped gardens.

Inside, soaring ceilings, chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling windows continue to accentuate the incredible scenery. The cuisine matches the lavish environs with premium steaks, seafood, pasta and an extensive breakfast buffet sourced from top ingredients around the world. With exceptional cuisine and the most breathtaking views in Tagaytay, The Cliffhouse Restaurant guarantees an unforgettable elegant dining affair for any special occasion or important visit.

Where to Pick Up Souvenirs

No trip to Tagaytay is complete without picking up some iconic food souvenirs, locally known as “pasalubong”. For the best selection of traditional treats, stop into Loumar’s at Rowena’s souvenir shop, right next to Starbucks Reserve. This beloved shop offers an impressive array of native delicacies to take home, like flaky buko pie, sweet ube jam, calamansi and coconut candies, cashew brittle, and more. Their caramel tarts, peanut butter cookies, and tablea drinking chocolate also come highly recommended. Visitors can watch employees hand-make delicacies on site as well. With reasonable prices and the convenience of its location, Loumar’s at Rowena’s is a prime pasalubong stop.


With postcard-worthy sights and tempting flavors at every turn, Tagaytay offers memorable experiences for visitors seeking both stunning scenery and exceptional cuisine. From Antonio’s elegant native fare to Green ATS’s affordable offerings, the options satisfy cravings while showcasing the beauty of volcano and lake. New sightseeing spots like Starbucks Reserve and long-time favorites like The Cliffhouse provide the perfect perches to soak in the iconic views as well. And with Loumar’s pasalubong treats in hand for souvenirs, Tagaytay makes for the ideal complete getaway.


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